May 3, 2017

About Us

group therapy6

1.To hold frequent group/individual therapies(Counseling)
2.Have seminars for teens during every School holiday
3.Instill hope and effect positive living for the needy affected teens
4.Ensure self sustainability for the infected/ affected teens
5 Ensure high level of education for the infected/ affected teens

We are a registered CBO (community based organization ) with the government of Kenya, Kajiado county. We have 30 members hoping to increase gradually.

What we do

  • We give busfare to teens from needy families do that they can access clinics where they are given their daily Arvs.
  • We also give food and basic materials to the needy ones.  In dire cases and when possible we give food financial support to those infected teens who occasionally are sent home due to lack of school and exam fees.
  • We do psychological counseling for groups and individuals.
  •  We also hold support group therapy where we meet for a day and  the infected teens share freely the challenges they face both at school and home or in the society.
  • We are from time to time called upon to go and offer group therapy for HIV positive children and teens together with their caregivers at Ngong subcounty government hospital.

We covet your prayers, generous support and volunteering as we touch the lives of the vulnerable.

1.Raise funds to start income generating activities for these needy teens.

2.Have peer educators among these infected/affected teens.

3.Have outdoor seminars for motivation. This would make them to socialize and interact deeply and freely.

4.  We have underway plans to construct a two room house on a plot owned by the director(Mercy), where the teenagers or adolescents who are HIV positive will be meeting with the counselors for the group therapies and other live skills activities. We also intend to reach out to more HIV positive born infected teenagers.

5.To reach out to similarly infected and affected teenagers across the county and country at large with the support of other well wishers.